At the moment we are all stuck at home frustrated about everything never mind having the season cut short.
We are going to give you some ideas on how to keep your skills up at home.

What You Need

  1. Hockey Stick
  2. Hockey Ball
  3. Tennis Ball / Soft ball
  4. Obstacles – Cones, strips, cushions, dogs, cats.

There are loads of skills you can practice inside and outside depending on what you have available to you. If playing inside always be careful not to damage anything, that is why we recommend using a tennis or soft ball inside.

Some Ideas

  • Dribbling
    • Get two cones (or other items) but them one stick length apart, drag the ball from one to the other.
    • Challenge – How many can you complete in 1 minute
    • Standard = Ball must go past the outside edge of each cone
  • 3D Skills – Best performed outside or inside with a tennis ball
    • Keepy ups
    • Balance the ball on the end of your stick
    • Get an obstacle, lift the ball from one side to the other
  • Partners
    • Passing in the air – Keepy up or balance then flick over to your partner
    • Set up cones as in the dribble exercise, pass and receive from different sides. Practice using your forehand and reverse stick passing.
    • Hockey Tennis – Create an net using what ever you have at hand, create a court using lines of some sort. One touch or two touch (two touch works a soft first touch)

Where to find more

There are a host of ideas on the internet from coaches around the world, below is a daily challenge from Hockey Pro Shop friend Todd Williams.

Y1 offer ‘hockey smash’ to practice your 3D skills see it here

YouTube has a host of hockey content that you can look at, there are skills to practice, games to watch and tactics to learn.

Always remember though hockey is fun and something to escape to, don’t force yourself to do anything a few weeks off won’t ruin your career 🙂

Keep safe everyone

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