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How To Keep Your Skills Up At Home

By Hockey Pro Shop | Mar 24, 2020

At the moment we are all stuck at home frustrated about everything never mind having the season cut short. We are going to give you some ideas on how to keep your skills up at home. What You Need Hockey StickHockey BallTennis Ball / Soft ballObstacles – Cones, strips, cushions, dogs, cats. There are loads…

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The FIH Pro League

By Hockey Pro Shop | Feb 11, 2020

The FIH Pro League has kicked off with a number of teams playing their first International games of 2020. A full round up of the games so far this year can be seen at the FIH Pro League website. Great Britain vs Australia Game 1 The GB Men drew their first game 4 – 4,…

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The Jaffa Super 6’s

By Hockey Pro Shop | Feb 11, 2020

Recently the Jaffa Super 6’s was played at the Copper Box in London. This is the culmination of the English indoor season, something that should be a highlight of the calendar. However, it is organised on a weekend when outdoor hockey has already started, taking away the chance for people to travel to watch. Thankfully…

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Jaffa Super 6s Indoor Hockey Finals

By Hockey Pro Shop | Jan 29, 2020

Returning to the Copper Box for another year, the Jaffa Super 6s finals is being held on Sunday February 2nd. Indoor hockey is a great format of the game, it is exciting, fast and full of goals. The season is very short but all the players who play in the indoor version of the game…

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Women’s Indoor European Championship

By Hockey Pro Shop | Jan 28, 2020

This past weekend saw the Belarus Women’s National team become champions of Europe after defeating the Dutch at the Women’s Indoor European Championships. The Championships The tournament was held in Belarus, with the Belarus captain quoted calling the support their 7th player. The reports from all the games in the championship can be seen at…

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Men’s Indoor Euro Hockey Championships

By Hockey Pro Shop | Jan 20, 2020

Last week saw this years major indoor tournament, the Men’s Euro Hockey Indoor Championships. The European indoor competitions sees a lot of lesser known hockey nations competing at the top of the sport. There is three levels of European Indoor Championships, a breakdown of the teams in each competition can be seen on the Euro…

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The Weight and Balance of a Stick

By Hockey Pro Shop | Jan 17, 2020

There is a lot of science about weight and balance of an object and how that impacts distance or force. Force = Mass x Acceleration The weight and balance is all about how the stick feels for a player. Feel is the most important thing and that is why picking the right weight and balance…

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Choosing The Model

By Hockey Pro Shop | Jan 15, 2020

Stick companies offer so many sticks now, from the previous article you are now aware of how to understand the shapes of the stick, but what about the next question, “Which model do I pick?“. Companies will regularly offer the same stick shape in a range of models, adding more confusion to the buying process,…

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Choosing Your Shape

By Hockey Pro Shop | Jan 10, 2020

Hockey sticks come in a variety of shape profiles (often referred to as bows, moulds or bends) and lay-ups (sometimes called compositions or constructions). While different brands use different terms to describe the various options in their ranges, the underlying principles have some commonality across the market. Stick profiles can generally be put into three…

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The Stick Buyer’s Guide

By Hockey Pro Shop | Jan 9, 2020

In the stick buyer’s guide, we aim to break down the complexities of hockey sticks. Making it easier for you to decide which to buy. What Are You Looking For? To assess the options available and make the right choice the player must first assess their playing style. The skills they use most The skills…

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