Recently the Jaffa Super 6’s was played at the Copper Box in London. This is the culmination of the English indoor season, something that should be a highlight of the calendar. However, it is organised on a weekend when outdoor hockey has already started, taking away the chance for people to travel to watch.
Thankfully the BBC streamed all the games on the red button giving the hockey community the chance to watch this great format of the game.

The Hockey Paper has gone into detail on the indoor programme and its exclusion from the international calendar.

The Jaffa Super 6’s Results

This year Surbiton retained their crown in the Men’s division. In the Women’s division Buckingham won for the first time after beating the two favourites East Grinstead and Bowdon. Below is a full round up written by The Hockey Paper.

These two teams now have the honour of competing in Europe as the English teams, a great experience for any domestic player. A major question is if these teams have any chance against the rest of Europe? They are expected to juggle indoor and outdoor and a ‘season’ consisting of only 10 games prior to this major competition.

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