There’s a million brands out there all telling you they are the best, they know the secret and they will make the difference to you. That’s marketing. Our job is to help you find the right stick so first we select the brands we know have full control over their product development and manufacture, with proven credibility and solid reputations so we know we are selling you a good product. They are all the same in that regard but different in their ideas, beliefs and methodology in stick manufacture. Remember, the “best stick in the range” is not necessarily the best stick for you so read our Stick Buyer’s Guide to help you choose the most important part of your hockey equipment.


Big bags, small bags, stick bags, backpacks. The options available are wide and varied and give you a great opportunity to pick the bag that suits your need, usage and lifestyle. Whether you travel light, commute, pack for every eventuality or you are even going long haul, we have a wide choice of the best bags from the leading manufacturers.


In this section you will find all the supporting products and equipment that players, coaches, teams and umpires need along with a few fun products for the hockey nut also! If for some reason you don’t see what you want then let us know and our sourcing team will see what we can find!


We have a full range of hand, shin, face and mouth protection for all ages and levels of the game in this section so no matter what your personal preference is or the level of protection you need, we have you covered. You’ll even get some cool colour choices along the way....


It’s crucial that players choose the right footwear. Of course fashion and brand holds an appeal but what you put on your feet has to suit your biomechanical make-up and make sure you have the support, stability and cushioning that you personally need to cope with the demands of the game, to perform at your best and help avoid injury. We have a full range on offer from leading brands for all ages and abilities. Take a look at our Footwear Guide to see the kind of things you should consider in your choice.


Playing, training, leisure, it’s all here. A range of stylish and functional playing and training wear sits alongside hockey fashion and branded apparel for you to define your style and show your colours.


“It’s a minefield, where do I begin”? “It’s so expensive”! These are the two most common things we hear in the goalkeeping departments in our stores (check out the pictures on Google!) So let’s put this in perspective; yes, the price tag can be big but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good value - if you look after it your gear will last a long time, plus what price do you put on your safety? The products we offer are the highest quality and cover all ages and abilities so check out our Goalkeeping Equipment guide or speak to one of our in-store experts for advice.


We have a number of partner clubs whose teamwear supply we source, stock and supply. We commit to our clubs by holding their ranges in-store to personalise to demand where possible too, so if you are based near one of our stores we could create an in-store area for you. If you are interested in discussing your club’s needs then feel free to contact either of our stores or email


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